Sky Soldier

Aired: May, 2012
Network: 3Net

The Vietnam War is one of the most photographed in history.  It was believed that all the images taken during the war were only in 2D — until now.  A recently discovered archive of rare 3D photographs has been found and is now featured in the new documentary, Sky Soldier.  The photos were taken by Joel Glenn, a young helicopter pilot from Florida who had a passion for taking pictures in three-dimensions.  Sky Soldier documents Joel’s time growing up on his family farm, his two tours in Vietnam and his battle with cancer caused by his exposure to the chemical Agent Orange.  Joel Glenn’s remarkable collection contains the only know 3D photos taken of American troops fighting in Vietnam.  His story — and his pictures — bring the war in Vietnam to life in ways never before seen.


The Lost JFK Tapes: The Assassination

Aired: November 2009
Network: National Geographic Channel

For the first time, never before seen local news footage was assembled in an unprecedented two-hour documentary. The film details the events of those four days in a way not seen in more than four decades, letting the images unfold in real time. That’s what sets this film apart – a “you are there”/ “as it happened” approach. The footage was shot by three local television stations. Though some of their images were appeared in national broadcasts , much of what these crews filmed was not seen outside of the Dallas TV and radio market. Now, that footage has been digitally captured – saved from obsolete videotape and electronically fine-tuned.


Profiling Evil: Confessions of the I-5 Strangler

Aired: November 18, 2012
Network: MSNBC

Roger Kibbe is the face of evil. In this one hour television show, Profiling Evil: Confessions of the I-5 Strangler, Dr. Park Dietz takes us inside the world of Roger Kibbe. With unprecedented access we hear first hand who Roger Kibbe is and how and why he became a cold blooded serial killer. This show will chill you to the bone.

MLK: Assassination Tapes

Aired: February, 2012
Network: Smithsonian Channel

In March 1968, sanitation workers in Memphis shut the city down when they went on strike over better pay and working conditions.  Dr. Martin Luther King joined their cause – only to be gunned down by an assassin.  The MLK Assassination Tapes uses news footage of these events to tell this story in real-time, as it happened.