The Lost JFK Tapes: The Assassination

Network: National Geographic Channel

For the first time, never before seen local news footage was assembled in an unprecedented two-hour documentary. The film details the events of those four days in a way not seen in more than four decades, letting the images unfold in real time. That’s what sets this film apart – a “you are there”/ “as it happened” approach. The footage was shot by three local television stations. Though some of their images were appeared in national broadcasts , much of what these crews filmed was not seen outside of the Dallas TV and radio market. Now, that footage has been digitally captured – saved from obsolete videotape and electronically fine-tuned.


Profiling Evil: Confessions of the I-5 Strangler

Network: MSNBC

Roger Kibbe is the face of evil. In this one hour television show, Profiling Evil: Confessions of the I-5 Strangler, Dr. Park Dietz takes us inside the world of Roger Kibbe. With unprecedented access we hear first hand who Roger Kibbe is and how and why he became a cold blooded serial killer. This show will chill you to the bone.