The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth

Network: History Channel

For 12 days in April 1865, as terror gripped the nation, thousands of federal troops, detectives, and police scoured the country in search of the assassin who shot President Abraham Lincoln. Our award-winning film tells the compelling story behind the conspiracy to decapitate the government by assassinating Lincoln, his Vice President and his Secretary of State, and the manhunt that ensued. We take viewers through the Maryland countryside, across the Potomac River, and finally into northern Virginia as Booth and co-conspirator David Herold elude their captors. Often fictionalized, this is the true story of this harrowing time, gleaned from news reports, trial transcripts, and a diary kept by the man who pulled the trigger–John Wilkes Booth

Profiling Evil: Confessions of the I-5 Strangler

Network: MSNBC

Roger Kibbe is the face of evil. In this one hour television show, Profiling Evil: Confessions of the I-5 Strangler, Dr. Park Dietz takes us inside the world of Roger Kibbe. With unprecedented access we hear first hand who Roger Kibbe is and how and why he became a cold blooded serial killer. This show will chill you to the bone.