Movies: The Real Right Stuff tells the tale of the first astronauts from the United States


It is a subject that seems endlessly convincing no matter how much information we ingest about Project Mercury.

Initiated in 1958 by Nasa and completed in 1963, it was the first man-in-space program in the United States.

There is now a new documentary called The Real Right Stuff that goes back to the beginning of the space race era to tell the amazing true tale of the first astronauts of the country, the original Mercury 7.

Netflix’s THE CROWN creates a social media tsunami for DIANA documentary. Podcast with Tom Jennings

Documentary Television

Tom Jennings’ DIANA IN HER OWN WORDS became a social media sensation when Netflix paired his documentary with the hit drama series THE CROWN on its user interface.

In our podcast, Tom describes the massive, emotional wave that swept around the world, a mood captured by singer Demi Lovato‘s post to her 93.3 million followers: “It was incredibly moving and powerful. This woman is SUCH a badass. RIP Princess Di.”

Finished ‘The Crown’? Bow Down to These Other Royal-Adjacent Shows and Movies


Did you immediately devour the fourth season of The Crown, despite knowing that there won’t be a fifth season until 2022? Did you obsess over Emma Corrin’s performance as Princess Diana, google if the Uptown Girl” performance really happen, or take a BuzzFeed quiz to see whether or not you would pass the Balmoral Test?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, it probably means that you’ll need some more royal content to keep you satisfied. Which is precisely why we’ve rounded up a slew of royals-adjacent movies and TV shows to hold over fans who are completely caught up with The Crown.